My name is Masanori Uchida, and I am the director of Studio Seleção.

Following a decade of training and extensive experience of working as a physical and sports massage therapist, I opened my clinic in the East Ward of Nagoya city in 2005. At Studio Seleção, I serve a diverse clientele: amateur and professional athletes, children, the elderly, as well as internationals. Our clients seek not only good health but also proper training and a unique practice. I give each of my clients focused and individual attention, and I determine a personalized approach to for treatment through anatomical and mental analysis. I will treat your pain with care, sincerity, and passion.

In addition to operating a successful practice, I train and educate therapists. My method, the “Uchida Method,” has recently gained international recognition, and I regularly travel globally to teach the practice.

I provide genuine treatment and effective training, both of which are designed to make your body feel happy and refreshed.
Please get in touch, look at our menu of options, and I will help you achieve your optimum health.

Sincerely, Masanori Uchida